Radio Px Legend - Pequeno


PERRETTI MULTIMARCAS Somos loja física há 22 anos . Compre com toda tranquilidade e comodidade! Radio Voyager Px Legend I Mt Frequency range: 26. 965-27. 405MHz Channels: 40 AM/FM Freguency Control Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer Frequency Tolerance ±600Hz Operating temperature range: -10°C to+55°C Dimensions (W x H x D): 125mm x 45mm x 168mm Weight: 0. 7kg Microphone Electret condenser Type Microphone with CH. 9/19 key-lock Input Voltage 13. 2 V DC Current Drain TX full mod. , 2. 0A Max RX with max. audio output, 1. 5A Max Antenna Connector UHF, SO-239 LCD Meter LCD back light (ORG) Filter ANL(Automatic Noise Limiter) built-in